Do You Know About STEAR?

August 2, 2018

As we approach the one-year anniversary of one of the most widespread and catastrophic natural disasters to affect the United States, it is hard not to fear the 2018 Hurricane Season. Hurricane Harvey left approximately 336,000 people without electricity and tens of thousands in need of rescue. While we cannot predict or prevent what Mother Nature has in store for us, we can do our best to be prepared. 


One of the single most important things you can do for your aging or disabled loved ones is register them with the State of Texas Emergency Assistance Registry, otherwise known as STEAR. The STEAR program is a free registry that provides local emergency planners and emergency responders with additional information on the needs of their community. 


While registering yourself or a loved one with STEAR does not guarantee you will receive a specific service during an emergency since available services will vary by community, it is still important to let planners and responders know where those needing assistance may be located. You can contact your local emergency management office for information on how your local community uses the STEAR registry.


Who Should Register?

  • People with Disabilities

  • People with access and functional needs such as:

    • Limited mobility

    • Communication barriers

    • Require additional medical assistance during an emergency event

    • Require transportation assistance

    • Require personal care assistance


Additional Information


How to Register


Required Info to Register

  • Name

  • Address

  • Phone Number

  • Primary Language


Additional Info to Provide

  • Emergency Contact Info

  • Caregiver Info

  • Pets



  • Transportation assistance for home evacuation

  • Communication Barriers

  • Disability, Functional or Medical Needs


Registration is voluntary, and all information provided is completely confidential.


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