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3 Tips for Staying Safe as a Caregiver when Working at Night

Caregiver in Spring, TX Whether you are professional or family caregiver, working at night likely feels less chaotic and stressful since the elderly individual is asleep. However, there are certainly going to be times when he or she needs assistance getting out of bed to go to the bathroom or tend to other needs. It’s important to keep safety a priority during the night for the caregiver and his or her senior.  Below are three tips that can help caregivers stay safe ... Read more

Stay Ahead of the Burnout Zone as a Caregiver

The Heights, TX - Stay Ahead of the Burnout Zone as a Caregiver Being a caregiver can be an incredibly stressful job. Even providing support for a family member, such as an elderly grandparent or even your aging mother or father, can still provide a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety.  That’s why many people end up dealing with caregiver burnout. Listed below are tips on how to stay ahead of the problem and continue providing loving care: 1.  Accept praise and recognition when ... Read more

Is Mom Really Getting the Best Care?

Elderly Care in The Heights, TX: 3 Ways You Can Check in to Ensure Proper Care is being Provided Michelle was concerned about hiring elderly care for her mother. She didn’t live close enough to do anything for her mother, but she had recognized the fact that her mother was struggling with certain basic care needs at home. After her mother had a minor stroke, she knew it was well past time to talk to her about elder care services. Her mother was ... Read more