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In-Home Senior Care for Mom and Dad

Are you and your family watching mom and dad age with the thought in the back of your head that they will soon need support at home with daily living activities? Well rest assured, you are not the only ones. Millions of Americans across the country with elder parents are going through the same thought process and all have similar questions. Should we put mom or dad in an assisted living facility? Should one of us move back home? How will ... Read more

Choosing the Right In-Home Care Agency

When the realization hits that in-home care services are needed for yourself or a loved one, the thought of finding the best in-home care agency can be very overwhelming. You are going to want to find out about the services they offer, their staff, costs and quality of care. New Frontier has put together a list of some questions to keep in mind when you are interviewing agencies below. Services: Is your agency licensed by the state? What services does your agency provide (skilled, ... Read more

Support for Caregivers

Taking on the responsibility of caring for an aging parent, spouse or loved one is both a rewarding and stressful task. Being a family caregiver can also be one of the most thankless jobs a person can take on. While most of the focus lies on the aging and/or sick individual, the caregiver is often thought of second, not only by other loved ones, but also by themselves. We at New Frontier Home Care want you to know you are not alone! ... Read more

Learn How a Caregiver Can Help Your Elderly Loved One Manage Their Medication .

Elder Care near Memorial, TX – The Goal of Medication Management For many older adults and seniors, managing medication can be tougher as you age. Issues like conflicting schedules for medications or memory loss because of an illness or aging are common problems for those taking multiple medications. Even the similar shape or colors of certain medications can cause confusion and result in taking these prescriptions at the wrong time. This can easily be avoided and corrected by a little organization. Luckily, you ... Read more