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Halloween Safety for Seniors

The majority of Halloween safety tips focus on children, but senior safety is just as important! On this night, seniors, like all homeowners, open their doors and speak to more unfamiliar faces over the course of a few hours than any other time of the year. Whoever is opening the door and passing out treats must keep themselves and house guests safe. Follow these steps for a fun and safe Halloween: Keep the Lights On! Keeping both interior and exterior lights on, whether ... Read more

Elder Care – What if Your Senior Loved One Refuses to Eat?

Elder Care in Kingwood, TX – What if Your Senior Loved One Refuses to Eat? Cheryl’s mother doesn’t want to eat very much. She does eat breakfast and has a piece of fruit later while she takes her medication. But Cheryl has a difficult time getting her to eat anything after that - no lunch, no dinner. That’s the way it’s been going for a while. There could be a number of reasons why an elderly person’s appetite has diminished. It may be ... Read more

Elder Care – Fun Hobbies for Seniors

Elder Care – Fun Hobbies for Seniors in Kingwood TX Your brain needs stimulation to keep it healthy.  This is especially true for aging adults and senior citizens.  Exercising your brain may reduce the risk of developing cognitive impairments for seniors. Research shows that by doing memory and mental exercises, the brain is able to generate new cells even as people age. There are lots of activities such as hobbies, exercise, and arts and crafts that can challenge the senior’s mind and stimulate their ... Read more