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Halloween Safety for Seniors

The majority of Halloween safety tips focus on children, but senior safety is just as important! On this night, seniors, like all homeowners, open their doors and speak to more unfamiliar faces over the course of a few hours than any other time of the year. Whoever is opening the door and passing out treats must keep themselves and house guests safe. Follow these steps for a fun and safe Halloween: Keep the Lights On! Keeping both interior and exterior lights on, whether ... Read more

3 Ways Elder Care Can Help with Foot Health

Elder Care in The Woodlands TX Feet are the very foundation of your loved one's ability to get around under his own. When his feet are cared for properly, the rest of his body is easier to keep healthy as well. Having elder care assistance is a huge help when it comes to foot care, especially since your elderly relative may not be aware that he's having problems with his feet. Find Shoes that Fit Properly Shoes that fit properly do more than just ... Read more