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What is a CNA?

Searching for the right care for your loved one(s) can be overwhelming. There are a multitude of types of care, ranging from in-home services to live-in facilities, as well as a wide range of medical terminology that may be foreign to you. As the Director of Client and Family Services for New Frontier Home Care, when I am speaking to families, I get asked this specific question a lot: "What is a CNA?". CNA stands for Certified Nursing Assistant. In order to ... Read more

Holiday Fun for All Ages

The holidays are a time for gathering with family and friends to spend time with one another. Sometimes it may seem hard to keep everyone happy and entertained with people ranging in age from infant to senior. If you feel yourself getting stressed about this issue, simply remember that feeling included is the most important part of enjoying the holidays! By putting some thought into gatherings, considering who will be attending and planning ahead, everyone will feel included and truly enjoy the ... Read more

Did You Know Oct 5th through 11th is National Work from Home Week?

‘Working from home’ for the Busy Caregiver near River Oaks, TX October 5 through the 11th is National Work from Home Week and for the busy caregiver taking care of an elderly loved one, this may seem like an impossible situation. After all, providing home care for someone, regardless of whether it is a family member or a total stranger, will generally require the caregiver to visit the patient’s home on a regular basis. If you are taking care of a family member, ... Read more