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February 16th is President’s Day

Senior Care in Memorial, TX – February 16th is President's Day Presidents’ Day celebrates the birthdays of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, both of which were in February.  In 1968, a bill was passed by Congress to move a few federal holidays so they would fall on a Monday and make a 3-day weekend; it took effect in 1971. Below are some facts about Washington and Lincoln.  How many do you know? George Washington ·        Was born on February 22, 1732 ·        Was the first President ... Read more

Do You Know How Important It is to Always Be Alert of Potential Problems while Providing Senior Care?

Emotional First Aid through Proper Senior Care near Memorial, TX Taking care of another human being is a great responsibility. When it’s regarding a senior who requires care, the first instinct is to focus exclusively on their physical needs. You want to make sure they are safe, have everything they need, and don’t slip, fall, or have any other health emergency. One aspect that can be too easily overlooked happens to be emotional health. A senior who is dealing with some difficult challenges ... Read more