Elderly Care The Heights TX

What is a Caregiver?

Caregivers have many roles and these roles can evolve as the patient’s needs change during a care period. Caregivers serve as home health aides and companions. They may help feed, dress and bathe the patient. Caregivers arrange schedules, manage activities of daily living and provide transportation. A caregiver can have a huge influence – both positive and negative – on how a patient deals with their situation. Their encouragement can help the patient stick with a demanding treatment plan and take other steps ... Read more

Holiday Fun for All Ages

The holidays are a time for gathering with family and friends to spend time with one another. Sometimes it may seem hard to keep everyone happy and entertained with people ranging in age from infant to senior. If you feel yourself getting stressed about this issue, simply remember that feeling included is the most important part of enjoying the holidays! By putting some thought into gatherings, considering who will be attending and planning ahead, everyone will feel included and truly enjoy the ... Read more

Discover these Natural Remedies to Help Avoid Constipation

Elder Care in The Heights, TX Area : Natural Remedies for Regularity Many elderly people frequently consume food that can result in becoming constipated. While trying a diverse variety of food is never a bad idea, it should be made sure that every food is consumed in moderation. To balance the constipating effects of such foods, your parent needs a good intake of soft food that can act as natural laxatives. The following food makes for excellent natural laxatives: Fruits Prune Juice Apple Cider Vinegar Aloe ... Read more

Is Mom Really Getting the Best Care?

Elderly Care in The Heights, TX: 3 Ways You Can Check in to Ensure Proper Care is being Provided Michelle was concerned about hiring elderly care for her mother. She didn’t live close enough to do anything for her mother, but she had recognized the fact that her mother was struggling with certain basic care needs at home. After her mother had a minor stroke, she knew it was well past time to talk to her about elder care services. Her mother was ... Read more